A quick recording of the Tanglewood Strat copy

A quick test of my new Tanglewood guitar. The tune is called Drag Racer by The Doug Wood Band, but most will know it as the theme to BBC’s snooker coverage.

Drag Racer by davmac

4 thoughts on “A quick recording of the Tanglewood Strat copy

  1. Sweeeeeet!!! The thing that always amuses me is that … had you posted this saying, “Hey guys, listen to this clip. I got a new Amp and am testing it out on my US Fender Startocaster Deluxe …..” everybody would have believed that too 🙂
    Sounds cool!! A real cool bargain you got there. Apart from changing pu’s …. and more plans for it yet ?


  2. True enough. I’m sure there is a difference between a £29 guitar into the Pod’s Fender Twin model and a US Strat into the real amp, but it’s close enough for me.

    No further plans for it yet. I’m just going to play with it for a while and see. While I think the pickups are pretty “flat” when played clean I found out last night that they work really well into high gain amp sims, so I may just leave it as it is. I’m very tempted by these Texas Loco pickups though. http://www.axetec.co.uk/axetec%20guitar%20parts%20spares%20pickups_103.htm

  3. Aaaaahhhhhh I love that song! I’m with Jan here….it sounds fantastic and definitely a bargain!

  4. Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

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