Shaftesbury Les Paul: Logo for the vibrato

When I had a test dry fit of some of the components at the weekend I noticed that the unbranded Bigsby style vibrato has a space where the logo would normally appear. This got me thinking… I set to with Inkscape and The GIMP to see if I could come up with something that I could print on to water-slide transfers and fill the hole. There are the two designs I’ve come up. The first is somewhat hubristic. The second, and probably my favourite, is dedicated to the fine folk at the Six String Bliss forum, whose own guitar refinishing projects inspired me to take on this job in the first place.

I also spent a minute or two properly sorting out the jack socket. Many guitars I’ve seen have the socket bolted tight into the plate, meaning that the shank of the socket sticks out. This sort of annoyed me and struck me as easily damaged if it gets a knock. I tracked down a second nut to place at the rear of the plate, ensuring the face of the jack socket aligns perfectly.

Of course, none of this really matters, but I’m desperately finding small finishing jobs to fill the next three weeks, whilst the lacquer hardens to the point where I can start the cut and polish. Better to harness my impatient nature, rather than set it free on soft lacquer!

[update 1st Sept, 22:25]

Water-slide transfer paper arrived today, so have given it a go. Pleased with the result!

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