Shaftesbury Les Paul: Time for primer

Earlier this week the correct tuners arrived so, prior to painting, I drilled the pilot holes to mount these. I popped them in, lined them up with the aid of a rule, used a bradawl to mark the holes and then drilled them.

I mounted the body and neck on to lengths of 2″x1″ so that I could clamp them to my bench while they were being painted.

I added hooks at the other end of the 2″x1″ so that I can hang them up, out of the way, to dry.

Finally they were ready for primer. I gave both pieces a good rub down with dry 400 grit paper, cleaned them and finished off by wiping down with a tacky cloth.

Here’s the body after three coats of primer. I gave each of the first two coats a very light rub down with wet 400 grit paper. I’ll rub down the final primer coat just before the next coat of paint goes on.

I’d been hoping to get the black paint onto the neck, headstock and body back today, but the weather is not right (too blustery with occasional showers) so I’ll wait until tomorrow.

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