Shaftesbury Les Paul: First coat of colour

Just as I finished my earlier post, the wind dropped and the sun came out, so I quickly warmed up the aerosol in a bowl of hot water and got my rattle can vibe on.

First I masked up the front of the body.

The body got a light coat to start, was then rubbed back to check for high spots (great advice from Steve Robinson) and then a second coat.

Same process for the neck and headstock.

Since the pictures were taken I’ve added another two coats. I’m going to let these dry overnight. Tomorrow I’ll give them a good rub down with wet 400 or 600 grit paper and then a final coat of black. I’ll then be ready to move on to painting the gold top. If the weather is fine tomorrow then hopefully I can get that all sorted. Monday I can add a final coat of gold and start with the lacquer.

I’m going to follow Steve Robinson’s suggestion for finishing the gold top: Spraying the last coat from a distance so that the gold flakes fall “end on” and then locking them down almost immediately with a fine coat of the lacquer.

[Update 17:10]

Here’s a picture of the neck with the fourth coat on. Very pleased with the finish. Much better than I had expected. Hopefully it’ll be even better when rubbed down, and with the last coat and clear lacquer finish applied.

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