Shaftesbury Les Paul: Buying the parts

I have bought the initial set of parts that I require:

  • Bigsby B5 copy;
  • Roller tune-o-matic bridge;
  • Truss rod cover;
  • Tuners/machine heads;
  • Jack socket plate
  • “Speed” control knobs.

All from eBay and for the total of just less than £90.

I’ve still got a few more things to get, such as:

  • Full set of new gold coloured screws;
  • Replacement nut (the original bottom E had been cut too deep and was shimmed);
  • Primer, paint, lacquer, various grade of wet and dry and finishing compound;
  • Laser printable water slide transfers.

As I mentioned earlier, the pickup will be coming along much later. Hopefully I’ll be able to get something custom made and particularly special from the unparalleled Searcy Stringworks.

2 thoughts on “Shaftesbury Les Paul: Buying the parts

  1. OK this is giving me some serious GAS for a project guitar.

  2. It is an interesting process. I’ve not done anything on this scale before. Previously I’ve bought a new part (pickup, say) and fitted a new part, and that’s it done and dusted. Do you know that temporary moment of GAS respite for the brief period after you acquire something new? Well this is sort of spreading that out over a longer period of time. To be frank, if I was having to buy a donor guitar, and then add the cost of parts, paint and materials, it probably doesn’t make sense, apart from the joy of the experience and you can;t put a price on that, eh?

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