Shaftesbury Les Paul: Design v1.1

Having put a bit more thought into the feasibility of the design, and having priced up some of the items, here’s the latest version.

The main changes are:

  • The truss rod cover in the same colour as body and headstock;
  • Gold Gibson speed control knobs;
  • A P94 pickup in a cream mounting ring.

Obviously the most significant of these is the different pickup. I made this change because it simplifies the remedial work on the body. I’ll only need to fill in the cavity of the old bridge and centre pickups. It also means that, in the interests of saving costs, I can start out with one of the old pickups and mounting rings, and then swap in the P94 as finances allow.

Aside from hammering out the design details I’ve not done much else, other than finding an offcut of suitable wood to fill the body cavity and removing the stop bar tailpiece studs from the body. These holes will be getting filled in because the duty of anchoring strings will be handled by the Bigsby.

I’m intending to get a slightly different model of Bigsby than the one pictured. I’m looking at the B5 like the one below. This is shorter and doesn’t stretch back to the tail pin. No earth shattering reason for this other than I’ve found a supplier on eBay who does these for a very decent price.

Well that’s about all for now. If I get home from work at a decent time tomorrow I’m planning on cracking out the router and making a start on tidying up the body cavity. Stay tuned!

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