Shaftesbury Les Paul: Design

I’ve spent an hour or so this afternoon at the excellent, designing and prototyping the end results that I could aim for. Perhaps my favourtite at the moment is this:

Key points of the design:

  • Single pickup in the neck position.
  • Gold hardware
  • Solid colour with no binding. Most likely black, dark blue metallic or dark green metallic. Or maybe gold.
  • Bigsby

Other potential designs that I’m still mulling over are:


2 thoughts on “Shaftesbury Les Paul: Design

  1. Black, gold hardware and the Bigsby Vibrato do it for me! That’d look a stunner! I do like gold tops also but my uneducated guess is that it’d be a royal bugger to get the paint right!

    • I was thinking that, but the gold really does look the best. I suppose if I bugger it up I can always strip it and do it again!

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