The Bullmastiff: A DIY Fuzz Pedal

I’ve finished my DIY fuzz pedal based on the Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz.

I found schematics for it at Fuzz Central and based on this and this, drafted my own version.

I made two key changes to the original schematic;

  1. I found the quality of the fuzz was very sensitive to the value of the resistor that sits between the battery negative and the collector of the first transistor, so I replaced the specified 5.6k ohm resistor with a 47k pot.
  2. I had a pair of silicon transistors available and so wired these in with a DPDT mini switch that allows me to switch between the germanium and silicon transistors. Amazing the difference this makes. The germanium sounds much smoother and “creamier” whereas the the silicon transistors have a real sharp edge to them.

I used veroboard (aka stripboard) for the circuit board and here are the details of the layout, should you wish to do something similar yourself.

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