Got a guitar? Rent a rehearsal room.

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in the middle of nowhere, or have deaf neighbours then you probably rarely get the chance to crank your amp up and just enjoy yourself playing what you want, as loud as you want.

Loud Amp

I’d always just assumed this was a simple fact of life that I’d just have to cope with, unless I wanted to go to all of the expense and inconvenience of properly soundproofing a room. I then after a band practice I realised that for as little as £6 per hour I can rent a rehearsal room for myself. I’d happily spend this on a new set of guitar strings or some other guitar related gadget. Getting into the rehearsal studio and being able to play as loud as I wanted for a couple of hours was just fantastic. To a certain extent it also “forced” me to practice for a couple of hours, which is no bad thing in itself.

It was really good getting to hear my amp “open up it’s lungs” and it won’t be long before I repeat the exercise.

[update: already booked for 12th March]

[update 2: and again for 6th March. I’m hooked]

BTW: I used Glass Studios in Birkenhead. Good rooms with a decent PA included in the price and nice people to boot.

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