Use Wallpaper As Wallpaper

Here’s an idea for you, why not use your wallpaper as wallpaper? Here’s a picture of my TV attached to my MythTV PVR. The background image is a photograph of the wallpaper immediately to the left of TV. It just makes the TV “fit” into the room better (in my opinion).

Wallpaper as wallpaper

You could do this for any computer screen that sits in front of a wall.

In this case I updated a MythTV theme to use the picture as the background.

To do this locate your themes folder. Mine is at /usr/share/mythtv/themes/ and then copy the folder of the theme you want to base it on. Have a look for the theme.xml file and open this with gedit (or your text editor of choice). You’ll see a section that describes the background – note the name of the file and the directory it is in. Now go and open that file and take a note of the image size.

All you have to do is rescale your photograph of your wallpaper, and then replace the theme background image with it. Select your new theme from within MythTV and you’re done.

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