Benford Custom Telecaster first impressions

The Benford Custom finally arrived. It was a couple of days later than expected, thanks to a customs delay, but it is here now.

Initial impressions are that the quality of the finish is just massively beyond anything I had expected. The frets and fretboard, close up, really are a thing of beauty. Sustain is amazing and it has a chimey, bell like tone unplugged and plugged.

It is the tiny details that really stand out when you’ve got it in your hands:

  • The black headstock logo on black ebony. Understated beauty.
  • The way the body is shaped to accept the neck is just sublime.
  • The silky smooth feel of the neck combined with a profile that feels both substantial and slim at the time time. I cannot work out how Steve has done this. Something close to alchemy I reckon. Hands down the best guitar neck I have EVER played.

I could write reams about this thing, and no doubt will eventually, but you’ll have to excuse me. There’s a guitar here that needs playing.

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