DIY Valve Amp – Kit ordered

The Ampmaker website is back up and my order went through very smoothly, even doing it on an iPhone over 3G. Great testament to the work done by Barry.

I’ve started detailed planning for the build and am writing a list of all the tools and materials I need to gather before starting, as well as creating myself a checklist covering all of the build. This includes some additional steps I want to take along the way – such as taking photographs at key stages; so I can remember what I’ve done but also so I can clearly document the steps I went through. Primarily it is for the wholly selfish reason of making sure my build goes smoothly and I force myself to check, test and double check every step along the way. Of course it will leave behind a guide that may prove useful for other builders, as well as a reference for my next build. I can already feel in my water that this isn’t going to be the first valve amp I build for myself.

I think I’ve tracked down the answer to the problem of being able to wind the amp up but to still keep it at a reasonable volume for late night use. Barry recommended I investigate the VVR3, a Variable Voltage Regulator from Hall Amplification. I’m not going to build it in to the amp from day one, but will ensure that I drill the relevant holes in the chassis and panel before I start, so that it will be easier to retrofit once I’ve got the “vanilla” build up and running. I’m waiting back from a response from Hall regarding the best place to locate the control, so that I can minimise any risk of noise from the additonal wiring and components and yet still ensure the control is accessible and in a logical place.

Hopefully the amp kit will be arriving this week, so that I can get cracking at the weekend. If not, I’ve got all the stuff now to do the brass name plate so I’ll have plenty to keep me busy.

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