DIY Valve Combo – Part 2 – Designing The Logo/Badge

While I’m waiting for Ampmaker to come back online, so that I can place my order for the amp, I’ve turned my attention to designing a badge or logo for the front.

Here’s a mock up put together in Gimp.

Mock up of the amp logo badge
[click for large image]

The plan is to get a brass fingerplate (those plates that fix to the “push” side of the door) and etch my design into it using ferric chloride.

The detailed instructions for doing this are covered at the excellent but essentially what you do is transfer laser toner on to the brass sheet, to mask off the area not to be etched, then drop it in the bath of ferric chloride and agitate it.

I’m waiting for the ferric chloride to arrive from and will call in at B&Q this afternoon to pick up the brass fingerplate.

I put the design together using Inkscape, an excellent free vector drawing package. The font is called “The King and Queen” which I downloaded from

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