DIY Valve Combo – Part 1

So the combo enclosure has arrived. Here are some pictures.
Combo and Telecaster

After unpacking it and checking it over the first step is to dry fit the speakers to check whether the hole sizes are OK and they dropped in perfectly. Chris had even pre-mounted the bolts, nuts and spring washers for adding the speakers. Absolutely spot on alignment and all included in the price. I am so impressed with the quality of his work.

The speakers fitted
So after fitting the speakers I temporarily plugged them in as an extension cab for some of my little battery powered Smokey Amp. Streuth that’s loud!

NB: I’ll make no apologies for the messiness of the wiring. This was wired up for a quick test when they arrived from the eBay seller. This will be sorted out before the amp gets finished – I promise!

The combo

So here’s a quick sound clip. Recorded through a Red5 Audio Condenser mic about a foot from the speaker. It’s a Hohner G2T bridge humbucker through the Smokey amp. No effects added other than a slight touch of reverb to broaden it out a bit.

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