More interesting free iphone apps

In alphabetical order;

CropForFree – trim/rotate pictures.

eBay – now I can keep an eye on auctions (selling and buying) when I’m out and about.

Evernote – a great way of recording pictures, notes, thoughts, and anything that I may want to refer to later.

Flickr – to browse Flickr and manage you account. There are loads of alternatives but the one from Yahoo/Flickr is my favourite.

HeyWAY – aka Hey Where Are You. A great, simple way for my wife and I to keep each other updated with where we are. Saves all of those “I’ve arrived at…” texts.

Lyrical – Search for lyrics. Particularly like the “now playing” feature and the ability to choose a song from my library instead of typing in the details.

WeightMan – to keep a track of your weight plus other health related stats.

WordPress – so that I can draft posts (like this one) when I’m sans laptop.

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