So what is wrong with the iPhone?

There’s no doubting that the iPhone is an astounding piece of kit. Superb software and beautifully designed hardware. Despite being functionally deficient compared to others of has quickly become the de-facto standard against which all others are judged and (so far, come up short).

On launch it was massively hyped. Prior to buying one this phrase would have been “overhyped” but you know what? This is the first device that I feel genuinely lives up to its press release.

There are still a number of niggles which, whilst relatively minor, still irk.

Why can’t I forward a text message?


For me though the biggest bug-bear must be the proprietary, closed nature of the handset, which means I can’t connect to my Linux machine. Forcing me to boot into Vista to sync and backup my phone really pisses me off everytime I have to do it. Please, please Mr Jobs, help me.

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