Favourite iPhone apps

Right, I’ve had my iPhone a couple of weeks now and so far the apps that are really making a difference for me are (in order of usefulness);

  • RememberTheMilk – An iPhone interface to my favourite to-do list manager. The app itself is free but you need to register for a RTM pro account (25USD per year). Then again, I regard it as such a useful and beautifully designed service that I’m quite happy to give a little support.
  • Tweetie – Twitter client used by Stephen Fry. Nuff said? No of course not – I’ve got my own opinion too. It does everything I want in a twitter client, and nothing I don’t.
  • DarkRoom – Reduces camera shake by monitoring the accelerometer and taking a picture when your iPhone stops moving.
  • QypeRadar – find shops restaurants and other facilites, based on where you are, with links to reviews.
  • SnapTell – take a picture of a book, CD or DVD and it’ll find links to sites selling it, wikipedia, reviews, etc.
  • Stanza – Ebook downloader and reader.
  • Shazam -This one is borderline magical. Listens to a piece of music and identifies it.
  • iFooty – keep up to date with all the English football league action, including live match updates.
  • PocketDyno – Using a combination of the accelerometer and GPS provides fairly accurate performance stats for your car. Very innovative use of the phone’s capabilities.

All of the above are free, with exception of Tweetie, which is yours for measly £1.79.

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